We need your participation from Sarawak

We need participants from Sarawak to support Sabah Group and wining is just the secondary mission.But if you win you will get prizes as well. For the first time such competition was ever organised. Be the first to represent Sarawak and again next year and many more years to come. This is an effort, a first step for every gunplaist in Borneo. Show your support as this will lead to greatness for many modelers to come.

Do contact HKT for more info via Facebook or emails.


We will be renovating the new premises these 2 months to serve you all better.

HKT would like express gratitude for the supports all these years.

McModels HG Qubeley! 

This is an Awesome Kit!

In Stock (RM 148.80)

This is the first Batch Stock which includes the Bonus parts (Butterfly Base & Funnel Action Parts)

Dragon Momoko HG 1/144 AGE-1 Razor  

Restocked (RM32.80)

The box include the AGE-1 kit plus the coversion kit for RAZOR. all the Razor parts are pre-coloured.
(compare to The Bandai conversion parts which still need to be painted on certain parts)